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STEINMEYER high precision ground ballscrews

Steinmeyer high precision ground ballscrews

The widest range of high precision ground ballscrews for the most demanding applications in high technology fields.

  • Miniature series with diameter from 3 mm up to 16 mm.
  • Standard series with diameter from 16 mm up to 100 mm.
  • Accuracy class P0 – P5
  • Flanged nuts and threaded nuts.
  • 4 points-contact and 2 points-contact UNILOCK preload or with spring preloaded double nut.

Special products available on request.

STEINMEYER Heavy duty ballscrews (Ultra Thrust)

  • Standard series with diameter from 50 mm up to 160 mm.
  • Accuracy class P0 – P5
  • Standard lead from 20 up to 40 mm

STEINMEYER Precision rolled ballscrews

A complete range of “cold formed” ballscrews with threaded bar available in stock.

  • Accuracy class ISO5-ISO7.
  • Diameter from 20 mm up to 80 mm.
  • Lead from 5 mm up to 40 mm.
  • Max screw length from 3000 mm up to 5000 mm , according to the diameter
  • DIN 69051/5 TAB. B flanged  and threaded nuts.
  • Nut assembly with standard backlash, with reduced backlash, with zero backlash, with 4 points-contact light preload.

STEINMEYER Available in stock ballscrews ISOP3 standard preloaded single nut by pitch-shift

A complete range of ballscrews with threaded bar available in stock.

  • Accuracy class ISOP3.
  • Diameter from 25 mm up to 63 mm.
  • Lead from 5 mm up to 10 mm.
  • Max screw length from 3000 mm up to 5750 mm.
  • flanged preloaded single nuts by pitch shift according to DIN 69051/B

Our mechatronic center equipped with the most advanced machines for high accuracy ballscrew machining, located in SETEC TORINO, allows us to deliver quickly high quality level machined ballscrews according to customer’s drawing.

Our branches in Milano and Bologna, thanks to their local warehouses, are able to supply a cut-to-lenght screw without end machining in just a few days from order

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