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Setec Group

Sustainability and Commitment

Setec Group, ISO 14000 certified company, has always paid great attention to the impact on the environment and on the well living of the interior spaces.

The heating system uses the latest generation of boilers and ensures an environmental well-being by using, in the production spaces, a heat distribution on the floor, useful to keep both "the feet warm" and, at the breathing height, the best hygrometric balance.

All the windows of the company are isolated from an inner chamber loaded with argon gas to ensure minimum heat loss. The roof, made by "shed", allows the optimal use of natural light and, being openable, a maximum ventilation in the summer by the natural principle of the updraft.

The photovoltaic system, built onto the roof with entirely recyclable material, makes the company completely independent from the energy point of view and with a very low environmental impact.

All exterior walls are made of "hammered Zandobbio", a completely natural material that will not need to be ever painted.

A technical study of the lighting, with the combined use of low consumption electronic lights, ensures maximum visibility in the production departments with the lowest energy. In the offices, the use of a lighting system with three levels of intenisty lamps, inserted into a paneled ceiling diathermic, dielectric, soundproof and fireproof, ensure maximum safety and comfort.