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Setec Group

New ECO-HL Heavy Series Linear Actuators

On basis of market demand, specifically for high performance required in steel production (high load and fast speed), Setec developed a new heavy series of actuators, using screw jack gearbox conception.

New versions are following:
ECO 200 with 65x12mm trapezoidal screw, 200kN max load
ECO 200 with 63x10/20mm ball screw, 200kN max load
ECO 300 with 95x16mm trapezoidal screw, 300kN max load
ECO 300 with 80x10/20mm ball screw, 250kN max load
ECO 500 with 100x16mm trapezoidal screw, 500kN max load
ECO 500 with 80x20mm and 100x25mm ball screw, 300kN max load

Ball screw actuator efficiency is more than for trapezoidal screw actuator, so it’s possible to use less motor power to obtain same performance.

As per its design, it’s possible to mount an external encoder, not integrated in the motor, so to save money and complicated solution for the motor.