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APEX high precision planetary gearboxes

A wide range of high efficiency planetary gearboxes for high dynamic applications featuring great performances, reliability, low backlash and stiffness.

Single, double or triple stage versions are available (ratios up to 500 with high efficiency level).


AB Series - ABR Series

AD Series - ADR Series

AE Series - AER Series

AF Series - AFR Series

AH Series - AHK Series

AP Series - APK Series

APC Series - APCK Series

AT Series - ATB Series

KF Series - KH Series

PEII Series - PEIIR Series

PGII Series - PGIIR Series

PAII Series - PAIIR Series

PSII Series - PSIIR Series

PD Series - PDR Series

PL Series - PLR Series


Our technical service is available to help you choose the best solution and its sizing based on the required application.

Download Catalogue

Precision Planetary and angular gearboxes - APEX Planetary and angular gearboxes catalogue (23 Mbytes)

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