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European Light Series

Mechanical Screw Jack European Light Series

European Light Series (5-100 kN)

  • Mechanical screw jack with housing in high strenght Aluminium alloy.
  • 5 different sizes (SEL5, SEL10, SEL25, SEL50, SEL100).
  • 3 different reduction ratios (1/5, 1/10, 1/30).
  • Lifting/thrust capacity up to 100 kN.
  • Lifting/thrust speed up to 15200 mm/min.
  • "T" version, featuring Trapezoidal spindle (self-locking).
  • "S" version, featuring Ball Screw spindle (high efficiency).
  • Grease lubricated.

Modular and compact cubical design provides maximum adaptability to each specific application.
Wide range of standard accessories/features.
Special execution on request: please contact us.

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