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Setec Group

High Dynamic Screw Jack

Faster and high duty cycle liftings are more frequent.
Combination of bevel gear and ball screw is perfect solution to obtain this solution.
This kind of screw jack has higher efficiency than a normal screw jack with worm gearbox.
MAD is acronym of “Martinetto Alta Dinamica”, it means High Dynamic Screw Jack.

Screw jack is made to absorb bigger axial load.

Bevel gearbox has better efficiency and longer lifetime than a standard screw jack.

Another advantage, if necessary, it’s lower ratio up to 1:1 (minimum reduction ratio for worm screw is 1:5), so to reach faster linear speed, avoiding to use very long lead of ball screw.

Brushless motor is most suggestable for this kind of screw jack.

It’s possible to create multiaxis MAD screw jack, combining more bevel gear.