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HIWIN precision linear guideways

HIWIN Precision linear guideways with recirculating balls or rollers

A wide range of recirculating balls or rollers guideways for heavy duty applications on machine tool or in general on industrial machineries, all where high accuracy and high stiffness under large loads are requested, together with high forces/torques, thus granting a long operating lifetime.

  • HG series: Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway (standard profile)
  • QH series: Quiet Linear Guideway with SynchMotion Technology for Low Noise design and Smooth Movement.
  • RG series:High Rigidity Roller Type Linear Guideway .
  • EG series: Low profile Ball type Linear Guideway
  • MG series: Miniature Linear Guideway.
  • PG series: Positioning Guideway (with magnetic encoder)

Available as an option (E2) additional lubricant device for a long maintenance period.

SETEC Group, thanks to its 3 precision cut's centers located in Turin, Milan and Bologna, can supply cut-to-length guideways according to customer’s drawing. And if required, with high accuracy cutting for longer railways or for high accuracy jointed rails.

Special executions or special models on request.

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Precision linear guideways - HIWIN_2012

Precision linear guideways PM series - Guide_Hiwin_PM_Series

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