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Couplings R+W

Series of elastomer couplings or bellows couplings


  • Bellows Coupings - BK series
  • Elastomer Couplings - EK series
  • Locking hubs with or without key with clamps.
  • High torsional stiffness according to the elastomer.hardness.
  • Nominal transfer torque up to 12500 Nm
  • Nominal input speed up to 20000 rpm.
  • EKH and EZ2 versions with split clamping hub, fully separable to facilitate the assembly.
  • EK7 version with expanding shaft for direct mounting on the hollow shaft
  • EZ2 version with machined aluminium tube typically suitable for screw jacks / bevel gearboxes.
  • Suitable for use in explosive environments.

Our technical service is available to help you choose the best solution and its sizing based on the required application.

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Couplings R+W BK-EK-MK-SK-SL-ES-SA-EZ - Couplings R+W BK-EK-MK-SK-SL-ES-SA-EZ

Couplings R+W BX-BZ-LP-LK-ST - Couplings R+W BX-BZ-LP-LK-ST

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