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Warner Electric wrap spring clutches and brakes

A wide range of wrap spring clutches and brakes for high torque transmission in a compact size

  • High ratio between torque and size.
  • Accurate positioning.
  • No slipping.
  • Simple control
  • Easy installation
  • Maintenance free.
  • Long life time

Available Versions:

  • "Standard CB": Suitable for high frequency movements (up to 20/s).
  • "Super CB": Improved version of the standard CB.
  • "SAC": Solenoid actuated
  • "PSI": Entry level version for winding series
  • "ACCE / ACCM": Suitable for harsh environments and applications.
  • "SP": Stand-alone unit actuated by a solenoid.
  • "BIMAC": Good for indexing or high rate cycles.
  • "DL": Suitable for packaging and office automation
  • "MAC-45": Electromagnetic actuation.
  • "BBC-29": Electromagnetic actuation, ball bearing coil support .
  • "BDNB/BDCS": Both rotation senses actuation
  • "CTS”: Sliding clutch that can be operated as a tensioning device.

Our technical service is available to help you choose the best solution and its sizing based on the required application.

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