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Setec Group


Our Czech distributor, Opis Engineering, will attend the MSV 2015 Fair in Brno (Czech Republic) from the 14th to the 19th of September  2015.

At the MSV fair, important and strategic showcase towards the East-European market, Setec Group will be glad to present winning and advanced solutions concerning mechatronic engineering products, thanks also to the long-lasting collaboration with the local partner Opis Engineering,

The MSV fair, dedicated to the industrial machineries, the electrotechnics  and the machine tools, will be an important European meeting for  the world of mechanic automation.

The new and efficient Setec Groups’s manufacturing plant of Turin (Borgaro Torinese) is able to offer to the market a high constructive quality,  with different special solutions, in various fields of industrial automation.

Setec  Group, together with Opis Engineering, will exhibit some linear actuators static samples produced by Setec: ECO and ECU actuators, ISOMOVE servoactuators, DYNACT linear units, SEL and SEP mechanical screw jacks.