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Warner Electric Electromagnetic clutches and brake modules

WARNER ELECTRIC Clutch and brake modules

Wide range of electromagnetic clutches and brake:

  • Clutch activated enabling power.
  • Brake activated enabling power (EM) or cutting power (EMR).
  • For dry use.
  • No wear compensation required.
  • Suitable for standard IEC flanges (models EM/EMER).
  • Coupling of a pulley or a shaft (models EP/EM/EMER)

Available versions:

"EM VAR01/02/03/04": 5 sizes, Fmax for 4 to 130 Nm ; speed max 3600 rpm, power actuation for 11 to 36 W (according to the sizes);

"EP VAR00": 3 sizes, Fmax for 180 to 970 Nm ; speed max for 1800 to 3600 rpm

Our technical service is available to help you choose the best solution and its sizing based on the required application.

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